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The Deputy Speaker

The Deputy Speaker:
At the beginning of each Parliament, the House also elects a Member to the position of Deputy Speaker, proceeding in the same manner as for the election of the Speaker. In the absence of the Speaker or whenever requested by the latter, the Deputy Speaker takes the Chair and has the same powers and functions as the Speaker.
The Deputy Speaker is also the Chairman of Committees when the Speaker chooses not to chair the Committee.

Honourable  NAZURALLY Mohammud Zahid​


The Deputy Chairman of Committees:

The Deputy Chairman of Committees is another official of the National Assembly elected from amongst its Members. The process of election of the Deputy Chairman of Committees is similar to that of the Deputy Speaker . In the absence of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, the Deputy Chairman of Committees presides over the Committee of the whole House.

NUCKCHEDDY Sanjit Kumar​