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National Assembly

The Whips

The Whips
At the beginning of each Parliament, a Government Chief Whip, a Deputy Government Whip and an Opposition Whip are appointed. The main responsibility of the Whips is to ensure the smooth running of the parliamentary machinery. The parliamentary work load of the Chief Government Whip is somewhat heavier by reason that he is concerned, amongst other matters, with the details of the Government business of the day, for example, to estimate the time likely to be taken by each item. He is directly responsible to the Leader of the House.
The Government Chief Whips and the Opposition Whip liaise with each other in relation to business arrangements and to matters of concern to the House such as, drawing up a list of orators for the debate in respect of a Bill, which is being presented.
The Whips keep their Members informed about the business of the House, secure the attendance of Members and act as intermediairies between the leaders and the rank and file of their parties in order to keep each informed of the views of the other.

The Government Chief Whip as from 23 October 2017  :

Honourable Mahendranuth Sharma HURREERAM

The Deputy Chief Government Whip as from 22 December 2014 :

Honourable Satyaprakashsing RUTNAH

The Opposition Whip as from 19 January 2017:
  Honourable Santaram BABOO