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Parliamentary Gender Caucus

THE PARLIAMENTARY GENDER CAUCUS - Standing Order 69(6) - (Added 06.12.16)


The Parliamentary Gender Caucus shall consist of the Speaker as Chairperson, the Deputy Speaker as Deputy Chairperson and not more than 15 Members to be nominated by the Committee of Selection.


 Honourable Sooroojdev Phokeer, GOSK, Mr Speaker


 Honourable Mohammud Zahid Nazurally, Deputy Speaker, MP




Honourable Soobeersingh Dhunoo, Deputy Chief Government Whip, MP


Honourable (Mrs) Teenah Jutton, Parliamentary Private Secretary, MP

3. Honourable  (Ms) Marie Genevieve Stephanie Anquetil, MP
4. Honourable  Patrice Kursley Armance, MP
5. Honourable (Ms) Joanna Marie Bérenger, MP
6. Honourable Gilles Fabrice David, MP
7. Honourable Rameswar Doolub, MP
8. Honourable (Ms) Eileen Karen Lee Chin Foo Kune, MP
9. Honourable Ashley Ittoo, MP
10. Honourable Joseph Buisson Léopold, MP
11. Honourable (Mrs) Subhasnee Luchmun Roy, MP
12. Honourable (Mrs) Marie Sandra Monia Mayotte, MP
13. Honourable (Mrs) Marie Arianne Navarre-Marie, MP
14. Honourable (Mrs) Marie Joanne Sabrina Tour, MP
15. Honourable Ranjiv Woochit, MP