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National Assembly

Acts of Year 2013 (2)

Acts as passed by Parliament and Gazetted for year 2013
Fifth National Assembly
Second Session
Date Introduced
Date Passed
Date Assented
Date Gazetted
Date in force
Act No 11 18-June 18-June 21-June 22-June 01-Jan 2013

Act No12

The National Assembly Allowances (Amendment) Act 2013 18-June 18-June 21-June 22-June 01-Jan 2013
Act No 13 The Mauritius Fire & Rescue Service Act 2013 28-May 11-June 21-June 22-June 05-Feb 2014
Act No 14 The Revenue & Valuation Appeal Tribunal (Amendment) Act 2013 04-June 18-June 28-June 29-June
Act No 15 The Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Act 2013 28-May 25-June 28-June 29-June 29-June
Act No 16 The Human Tissue (Removal, Preservation & Transplant) (Amendment) Act 2013 18-June 25-June 28-June 29-June
Act No 17 The Civil Establishment(Amendments) Act 2013 02-July 02-July 05-July 06-July 06-July
Act No 18 The National Identity Card (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 09-July 09-July 17-July 18-July 16-Sept-2013
Act No 19 The Animal Welfare Act 2013 25-June 02-July 17-July 18-July 30-Oct-2013(except for part III & Sec 31 of part V)
Act No 20 The Criminal Appeal (Amendment) Act 2013 16-July 24-July 01-August 03-August
Act No 21 The Food & Agricultural Research & Extension Institute Act 2013 22-October


22-October 31-October 31-October 14-Feb-2014
Act No 22 The Supplementary Appropriation (2012) Act 2013 22-October


12-November 15-November 16-November 16-November
  Act No 23 The Local Government (Amendment) Act 2013  19-November


03-December 05-December 07-December 28-June-2013
  Act No 24 The Appropriation (2014) Act 2013  08-November


10-December 12-December 14-December 14-December
Act No 25 The Supplementary Appropriation (2013) Act 2013  29-October


17-December 17-December 17-December 17-December
Act No 26 The Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013  10-December


17-December 20-December 21-December 21-December(except for those sections mentioned in section 32)
Act No 27 The Economic and Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013  10-December


17-December 20-December 21-December 17-Feb 2014 (Sections 5,12 and 14 only)
Act No 28 The Sports Act 2013  26-November


 10-December 20-December 21-December 14-Jan-2014
Act No 29 The Additional Remuneration (2014) Act 2013  26-November


10-December 20-December 21-December 01-Jan-2014