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Parliamentary Committee

Whenever an Act so provides, Parliamentary Committees are set up for the specific purpose(s) as required by law.
Parliamentary Committee set up under section 59 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002
The composition of the Committee is as follows -
The Honourable R. Daureeawoo (Chairperson)
The Honourable D.J.M. Allet
Dr The Honourable A.R. Beebeejaun
Dr The Honourable A. Boolell
The Honourable M. Chumroo
Dr The Honourable J.B. David
The Honourable M. Dulloo
The Honourable X. L. Duval
The Honourable E.J.R. Guimbeau
The Honourable Mrs. F. Labelle
This Parliamentary Committee was set up for the purpose of supervising and monitoring the Independent Commission against Corruption.