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Mahomed Osman Cassam

Bio-data of Honourable Osman Cassam Mahomed, MP
(3rd Member for Constituency No 2 Port Louis South and Port Louis Central)
Name Osman Cassam Mahomed
Surname Mahomed
Marital Status Married, 2 children
 1993 - Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

 2005 - MBA, University of Mauritius
 6 years in private sector, Singapore.
 15 years in private sector and public sector, Mauritius: Ministry of Social Security, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport & Shipping, Ministry of Housing & Lands & BOI.
 Managing Director of National Housing Development Co.Ltd.
 Executive Chairman -  Maurice Ile Durable Commission at PMO.

Elected 3rd Member for Constituency No 2 Port Louis South and Port Louis Central as from December 2014 to 06 October 2019​​
Member of Parliament as from  22 December 2014 to 06 October 2019​​​
 Member of Committee of Selection as from 26 February 2015 to 06 October 2019​​
 Member of the House Committee from 26 February 2015 to 06 October 2019
Member of the Parliamentary Gender Caucus as from 28 March 2017 to 02 July 2019

Residential Address House No.50,Residence Cyber Village, Ebene