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​          Parliamentary Gender Caucus

               THE PARLIAMENTARY GENDER CAUCUS - Standing Order 69(6) - (Added 06.12.16)


The Parliamentary Gender Caucus shall consist of the Speaker as Chairperson, the Deputy Speaker as Deputy Chairperson and not more than 15 Members to be nominated by the Committee of Selection.


Honourable Mrs Santi Bai Hanoomanjee, GCSK, Madam Speaker


Honourable Mr Georges Pierre Lesjongard, Deputy Speaker, MP




Honourable Mrs Deveena Boygah, Parliamentary Private Secretary, MP


Honourable Mr Toolsyraj Benydin, Parliamentary Private Secretary, MP

3. Honourable Mrs Marie Claire Jeanne Monty, Parliamentary Private Secretary, MP
4. Honourable  Jean-Nel Alain Aliphon, Parliamentary Private Secretary, MP
5. Dr The Honourable Mohamud Raffick Sorefan, Parliamentary Private Secretary, MP
6. Honourable Vedasingam V.Baloomoody, MP
7. Honourable Jean Claude Barbier, MP
8. Honourable Joseph Buisson Leopold, MP
9. Honourable Georges Pierre Lesjongard, MP
10. Honourable Mrs Marie Aurore Perraud, MP
11. Honourable Mrs Marie Danielle Selvon, MP
12. Honourable Mrs Malini Sewocksingh, MP
13. Honourable Mr Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram, Chief Government Whip, MP

Hon. Rutnah resigned as Member on 02 October 2017

Hon. Mrs Roubina Jadoo-Jaunbocus resigned as Member on 21 November 2017

Hon. Hurreeram and Hon Aliphon nominated as Members on 05 December 2017

Hon. Ameer Meea, MP resigned as Member on 16 May 2018

Hon. Osman Mahomed, MP resigned as Member on 2 July 2019.

1. The Sociological profiling of penetrators of domestic violence in Mauritius  - 17 April 2018
2. The Gender Audit in the Civil Service in Mauritius - 17 April 2018
3. Parliamentary Gender Caucus Biennial Report 2017-2019
4. Participatory Gender Audit in the Private Sector in Mauritius