Hon. Kasenally Abu Twalib

Dr the Hon Abu Twalib KASENALLY
Name Abu Twalib
Marital Status Married
Education Up to University Level
 Surgical Specialist since 1974 and Regional Health

 Director and Principal Medical Officer, Ministry of Health

 Stood as Labour Candidate in Constituency No 3 in

 Member of the Mauritius Labour Party and of its Executive Committee and of the Bureau Politique

 Elected under the banner of Labour Party,Social Alliance on 3rd July 2005
 Appointed Minister of Public Utilitie - July 2005 to September 2008

 Appointed Minister of Housing and Lands - As from 13 September 2008 to 11 May 2010
 Elected 2nd Member for Constituency No 13 Riviere des Anguilles and Souillac on 06 May 2010

 Appointed Minister of Housing and Lands - As from 11 May 2010 to December 2014
 Member of Parliament as from 18 May 2010 to 06 October 2014
Residential Address Clairfonds 3 Vacoas
Tel Office +(230) 201-3051