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Intervention of the Hon. Speaker in the IPU Panel discussion

Intervention of the Hon. Speaker in the IPU Panel discussion on “Forging inclusive and sustainable economies that deliver well being and justice for all”, in the virtual meeting of the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament organised by the IPU in partnership with the Parliament of Austria and the United Nations.​

Mr. Speaker conveyed his greetings and those of the people of Mauritius to the President of the IPU, the Speaker of Austria, host of the present Conference and Colleague Speakers.​​

Mr. Speaker stated that the Parliament of Mauritius has always been a strong proponent of the Welfare State with gender mainstreaming high on its agenda.​​

Mr. Speaker further stated that, in Mauritius, more than ever, Parliament is called upon to act in real time through the concerted actions of parliamentarians, for a just and equitable society and that the live broadcasting of the proceedings of the House has helped in that direction.​​

He emphasised that, during the lockdown period, Parliament took bold measures to enhance the Welfare State and came up with various support schemes. Financial schemes and programmes were adopted by Parliament to ensure resilience in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. A new Quarantine Act and the COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act were equally adopted to effectively deal with the crisis.​​

He further stated that, with the effective implementation of sanitary measures, Mauritius has not recorded any local contamination over the last four months.​​

Moreover, Mr. Speaker placed on record that in order to allow parliamentary leadership to prevail during the COVID-19 Pandemic, timely actions have been taken to allow all parliamentarians to be physically present in the Chamber.​​

Mr. Speaker ended by commending the IPU for creating the crisis platform, assuring that Mauritius is playing its rule fully by passing relevant legislation and ensuring oversight of budgetary measures to sustain the economy.​​