Public Accounts Committee

  PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE - (Standing Order 69(2))
The Public Accounts Committee consists of a Chairperson who is appointed by the Speaker and not more than nine Members who are nominated by the Committee of Selection.
Hon. Muhammad Reza Cassam Uteem​​​
(Appointed as Chairperson on 30 March 2021 )
1. Hon (Ms) Naveena Ramyad, MP, Chief Government Whip
2. Hon. Patrice Kursley Armance, MP​, Opposition Whip
3. Hon Rajanah Dhaliah, MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary
4. Dr the Hon Muhammad Ismaël Rawoo, MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary
5. Hon Jean Francisco Francois, MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary
6. Hon Rameswar Doolub, MP
7. Hon. Mahend Gungapersad, MP
8. Hon. Darmarajen Nagalingum, MP​

Hon. Eshan Juman resigned as Member on 04 March 2021

Hon. Xavier-Luc Duval resigned as Chairperson on 05 March 2021

Hon. Mohamad Salim Abbas Mamode resigned as Member on 24 March 2021

Hon. Muhammad Reza Cassam Uteem​​​ resigned as Member on 29 March 2021















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     2nd Report Public Accounts Committee