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Hon. Obeegadoo Louis Steven

Bio-data of Honourable Obeegadoo Louis Steven, MP
(First Elected Member of Constituency No.17, Curepipe and Midlands)
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning
Minister of Tourism
Name Louis Steven
Surname Obeegadoo
Marital Status Married
B.Sc. Economics – London School of Economics & Political Science
M.Sc. Politics – London School of Economics & Political Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Law – The City University, London
Barrister-at-Law since 1988
Senior Education Consultant, World Bank 2006-2008
Director, UNESCO 2008-2009

1976 – Joined the Movement Militant Mauricien(MMM)
1991 – 1995 – Municipal Councillor of Vacoas/Phoenix
1991, 1995 & 2000 – Elected Member for La Caverne/Phoenix
1995-1996 Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources
1996-1997 Minister of Labour & Industrial Relations
2000 – 2005 Minister of Education & Scientific Research
Elected third member of Constituency No. 17 Curepipe & Midlands in May 2010
Member of parliament as from 18 May 2010 to 06 October 2014
Member of the Standing Orders Committee as from 22 June 2010
up to 14 March 2012
Member of the Select Committee on Live Broadcasting of House
Proceedings as from 12 April 2011 up to 14 March 2012
First Elected Member of Constituency No.17 Curepipe and Midlands as from 08 November 2019
Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning as from 12 November 2019
 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism as from 25 June 2020​​
Political Affiliation Platform Militant
Interest Public policy
Residential Address  La Hausse de la Louviere Street, Floréal
+(230) 4681874
Fax +(230) 4546397