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National Assembly>Hon. Members>Sinatambou Marie Joseph Noel Etienne Ghislain

Sinatambou Marie Joseph Noel Etienne Ghislain

Bio-data of Honourable Marie Joseph Noël-Etienne Ghislain Sinatambou, MP
(3rd Member for Constituency No.16,Vacoas and Floreal)
Minister of Social Security, Reform Institutions and
Environment,  and Sustainable Development
Name Marie Joseph Noël-Etienne Ghislain
Surname Sinatambou
Marital Status Married
  Secondary Education:
Royal College Curepipe, Mauritius
Laureate of the State of Mauritius Scholarship, Arts Side Premier    prix de supériorité dans la classe Terminale au   concours de langue française de L’Alliance Française de
L’Ile Maurice

 Tertiary Education:

Anderson Scholar, University of Oxford, Balliol College
B.A (Honors) Jurisprudence; M.A Oxon
D.E.A. de Droit de L’Environnement, Sorbonne
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies,
  University of London
 Admitted to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
 Called to the degree of the Utter Bar of England and Wales
 Admitted to the Mauritian Bar
 Passed the Notaries Professional Examination
Sworn in as Notary
 PractisingPractising Barrister at the Mauritian Bar
 Member of the International Law Association (ILA)
 Member of the International Law Association Legal Committee on
   Sustainable Development

 Acting Principal State Counsel, Attorney-General’s Office
 Member of the UN Steering Committee of the Partnership on
   Environmental Law and Institutions in Africa (PADELIA)

 Member of the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL)
 Member of the IUCN Climate Change and Energy Law Specialist Group
 Former President, Assistant Secretary General and Director,
   Research Unit of the Mauritius Labour Party
 Elected 4th Member for Constituency No. 16 - Vacoas And Floreal on 3rd July 2005
 Member of Parliament as from 12 July 2005
 Minister of Information Technology & Telecommunications
   [From July 2005 to 13 September 2008]
 Elected Deputy speaker, National Assembly on Elected Deputy speaker, National Assembly on 19 September 2008
 Elected Third Member for Constituency No 16, Vacoas & Floreal  as from December 2014
Member of Parliament as from 22 December 2014
 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration & International Trade as from 15 December 2014 to 14 March 2016
 Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation as at 14 March 2016
 Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development & Disaster & Beach Management as from 21 December 2016 to 23 January 2017
Minister of Social Security, Reform Institutions and Environment,  and Sustainable Development as from 24 January 2017 to 12 November 2019​
Member of the Broadcasting Committee
Residential Address 7, Grannum Road, Vacoas