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Acts as passed by Parliament and Gazetted for year 2013
Fifth National Assembly
Second Session
Date Introduced
Date Passed
Date Assented
Date Gazetted
Date in force
Act No 1 09-April 09-April 17-April 18-April 18-April

Act No2

The Mauritius Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Temporary Provisions) Act 2013 09-April 16-April 25-April 25-April 30-April
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0213_Debates.pdf
Act No 3 The Natural Agricultural Products Regulatory Office Act 2013 26-March 16-April 03-May 04-May 26-November 2013
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0313_Amendments.pdf
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0313_Debates.pdf
Act No 4 The Fashion and Design Institute (Amendment) Act 2013 23-April 23-April 03-May 04-May
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0413_Debates.pdf
Act No 5 The Employment Relations (Amendment) Act 2013 11-Dec-12 09-April 06-May 09-May 11-June 2013(except for sec 23)
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0513_Amendments.pdf
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0513_Debates.pdf
Act No 6 The Employment Rights (Amendment) Act 2013 11-Dec-12 09-April 06-May 09-May 11-June 2013(  secs 1 to 7, 8A to 26, 27(a) to (c), e and 28 to 40)
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0613_Amendments.pdf
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0613_Debates.pdf
Act No 7 The Professional Quantity Surveyors' Council Act 2013  07-May 07-May 17-May 18-May​ I*
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0713_Debates.pdf
Act No 8 The International Arbitration (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 07-May 14-May 24-May 25-May


Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0813_Debates.pdf
Act No 9 The Land Acquisition (Amendment) Act 2013



21-May 24-May 25-May


Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0913_Amendments.pdf
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act0913_Debates.pdf
Act No 10   The Seeds Act 2013 21-May 28-May 07-June 08-June secs 4,5,6 and 33 - 8 Jan 2018
Act0113_Debates.pdf Act1013_Amendments.pdf
  Act0113_Debates.pdf Act1013_Debates.pdf

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I* - Denotes that the Act Sections 24 & 25 has come into force on 01 August 2014