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Bio-data of Honourable Rajanah Dhaliah, MP
(2nd Elected Member of Constituency No.7, Piton and Rivière du Rempart)
Parliamentary Private Secretary
Name Rajanah
Surname Dhaliah
Marital Status Married
Education Qualifications
 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Registered Engineer
 Master in Business Administration (MBA)

 General Manager of State Trading Corporation from July 2015 – November 2019
 Occupied posts of Commercial Director, B2C Marketing Manager, SOPAF Learning Manager and Re-engineering while working at Shell and Vivo Energy spanning over 25 years at regional and global level
 2nd Elected Member of Constituency No.7, Piton and Rivière du Rempart and Member of Parliament as from​ 08 November 2019
 Parliamentary Private Secretary as from 12 November 2019​
 Member of the Public Accounts Committee as from 02 December 2019
Political Party Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM)
rest Outdoor Sports – Trekking, reading, swimming and Jogging
Phone 4050751
Fax 2122162
Residential Address Ave. Dahlias, Morc. Raffray, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge