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Hon. GOBIN Maneesh - Mauritius National Assembly

GOBIN Maneesh

Honourabl​​​e Maneesh Gobin, MP

1st Member for Constituency No.7, Piton and Rivière Du Rempart

Attorney General

Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security

Personal Info

Name: Maneesh

Surname: Gobin

Residential Address: 17 Leclezio Street, Port Louis

Marital Status: Married

Interest: Travelling-Hiking-Swimming

Contact Info

Email: ;​​

Political Party

Political Party: Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM)​​

Education Qualifications

LLB (Hons)


Barrister at law

More than 15 years standing at the Bar of Mauritius. Extensive experience in the legal and judicial service of Mauritius from 1999 to 2008 in various capacities inter alia State Counsel/Senior State Counsel , District Magistrate/Senior District Magistrate

Significant experience of electoral laws and practices as Returning Officer for National and Local Government elections in Mauritius as well as African Union election observer

A staunch supporter of social justice policies


Member of Parliament as 11 December 2014

Elected 1st Member for Constituency No 13 Riviere des Anguilles and Souillac as at 11 December 2014

Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee set up under the prevention of corruption Act (ICAC) as from 26 February 2015 to 21 September 2017

Chief Government Whip as from 25 January 2017 to 14 September 2017

Member of Committee of Selection as from 07 March 2017 to 14 September 2017

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Institutional Reforms as from 14 September 2017 to 12 November 2019

Member of Public Accounts Committee as from 11 January 2017 to 21 September 2019

Elected first Member for Constituency No.7, Piton and Rivière Du Rempart and Member of Parliament as from 08 November 2019

Member of the Broadcasting Committee as from 02 December 2019​​

Attorney General and Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security​ as from 12 November 2019​