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The Clerk of the National Assembly

The Secretariat of the Assembly is headed by the Clerk of the Assembly. She provides the Speaker and Members with secretarial assistance. She is the chief administrative officer of the National Assembly and works under the control of the Speaker. She is a permanent officer and a member of the Civil Service, having expert knowledge in parliamentary procedures and practice. She is the custodian of all documents and records pertaining to the Assembly. She advises the Speaker and Members on matters of procedure. She sits at the Table. She sends to each Member a copy of the Order Paper. The Clerk must see to it that the bills passed by the National Assembly are assented to by the President of the Republic and published in the Government Gazette.
In the performance of her duties, the Clerk is assisted by the Deputy Clerk and two Clerk Assistants.
  • Clerk of the National Assembly:
      ​ LOTUN MUHAMMAD Safeena (Mrs)​

  • Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly:
RAMCHURN Urmeelah Devi (Ms)​
  • Clerk Assistants of the National Assembly​:
GOPALL Navin (Mr) 
SEETUL Darshinee (Ms)