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Hon. LÉOPOLD Joseph Buisson - Mauritius National Assembly

LÉOPOLD Joseph Buisson

Honourable Joseph Buisson Léopold, MP

2nd Member for Constituency No.21 Rodrigues

Personal Info

Name: Joseph Buisson

Surname: Léopold

Residential Address: Cascade Jean Louis, Rodrigues

Marital Status: Single

Contact Info


Political Party

Political Party: Organisation du Peuple de Rodrigues

Education Qualifications




Certificate in General Nursing (MRU)

Registered General Nurse(UK)

Registered Nurse Level 1(Australia)

Diploma in Management on Diabetes Mellitus


General Secretary OPR Party

Member of Parliament as from 11 December 2014 to 06 October 2019

Member of the Parliamentary Gender Caucus as from 16 March 2017 to 06 October 2019

2nd Member for Constituency No.21, Rodrigues as from 08 November 2019

Member of the Committee of Selection as from 02 December 2019​

Member of the Parliamentary Gender Caucus as from 02 December 2019​